A letter to the Training Community

Barbell resting against a blue wall.

Following the unlawful death of George Floyd, against the backdrop of COVID-19 where BAME communities have been disproportionately affected, the Black Lives Matter movement has gained global attention. 

We have taken time to reflect on these injustices, which has put a sharp focus on the health inequalities that exist due to systemic racism. The wellness industry has a vital role in improving global health and has a long way to go to address health inequalities, representation, and access. 

We’ve been thinking about representation and access from day one. We noticed that existing brand narratives weren’t sharing, celebrating, or supporting the diversity of the female athlete experience, in all its forms. We are committed to changing that narrative.

The events of the last few weeks have been a continued reminder that we must play a part in driving change. We have many positions of privilege - as white cisgender females with the opportunity to build our own business. By working alongside the right people we will use our platform to change and influence training cultures.

One training culture in particular that has been called out is CrossFit. The brand has faced a global backlash over the past days and weeks - boxes have disaffiliated, professional athletes have spoken out and brands have cut ties. Whilst it is encouraging to see the beginnings of change, it’s now on all of us to hold each other accountable.

This cannot simply be a ‘rebranding’ exercise.

For many involved in the sport, CrossFit has been a force of positive change. For us it’s been transformative, for our physical and mental health, and so much more. This drove us to start Blue Elvin - so that more women could experience this.

Now more than ever it feels necessary to have a global conversation about training cultures that best support female athletes of different backgrounds and experiences. That’s why we’re launching a survey this week, to discuss the Future of Functional Training.

We have, and always will, listen, learn, and take action. We want to exist in a world where everybody can realise their power through Functional Training. 

Lamorna and Tamara x