Technique Tips from Female Coaches

Technique Tips from Female Coaches

With the excitement of being back in the gym, your form may have slipped. Access to one-on-one coaching might be limited, and the fundamentals might be feeling a little shaky.  

Together, with three female coaches, we’ve put together a technique toolkit. Helping you improve your form on deadlifts, split jerks, and power cleans. 


Florence Wong, Coach at Manor London, shares four tips for deadlifts. 

  • 01 SHINS TO BAR - Middle of the feet under barbell 

  • 02 KEEP BAR CLOSE - Straight bar path

  • 03 SHOULDER BLADES BACK - Keep back flat 

  • DRIVE THROUGH HEELS - Push away from the floor


Split Jerk

Sophia Smith, Coach at The Wick CrossFit, shares four tips for Split Jerks. 

  • 01 FEET HIP DISTANCE APART - Hands outside of shoulders 

  • 02 DRIVE KNEES OUT - Dip upright

  • 03 EXTEND HIPS - Before pressing out

  • 04 RECOVER - Front foot then back foot 


Power Clean

Saskia Collins, Coach at CrossFit Vauxhall, shares four tips for Power Cleans.

  • 01 BAR OVER MIDFOOT - Feet hip width apart

  • 02 LATS ENGAGED - Hips & shoulders rise together

  • 03 REACH FULL EXTENSION - Then bend arms

  • 04 QUICK UNDER BAR - Elbows up in the catch



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