Functional Training At-Home Starter Kit

Woman doing Functional Training at home

Living through COVID-19, we noticed that there was a shift happening in the way we were training. More athletes were choosing to explore Functional Training from home and those who were already training in this way were finding ways to be creative. 

We were programming workouts for our friends, sharing workouts with each other, and running zoom workouts. We realised we were supporting other athletes with their Functional Training and wanted to make this a resource we could share to help other athletes.

Part of our mission is to help more women believe Functional Training is a space for them. That’s why we created the Functional Training At-Home Starter Kit. To make this type of training more accessible. A live google sheet with tons of workout ideas, great ‘finishers’, and some training playlists to keep you going!

Get access to the Starter Kit.