In Conversation with Jayne Lo - supplements for performance and recovery

Jayne Lo in Blue Elvin sports bra and leggings

Jayne Lo is a personal trainer and fitness manager at Third Space in London. She works from 07:00 to 16:00 or 19:30 during the week, depending on the day. She is very active, coaching clients, and also fits in her own training. 

Maintaining focus, energy and recovering well is a priority. Jayne uses a balanced diet along with supplements to stay healthy and perform.

Jayne’s daily nutrition

Between 09:00-10:00: First coffee of the day. Cortisol, a hormone that enhances alertness and focus, is at peak level in the morning and research suggests it’s better to drink coffee when your cortisol level is lower - mid to late morning. Won’t drink coffee after 17:00 so as not to affect sleep.

Meal 1
Between 10:00-13:00: Balanced meal with protein (meat or fish), veg and carbs (rice cakes, corn thins, potatoes, pasta). 

Meal 2
Between 20:00-21:00: Dinner of protein (meat or fish), veg and carbs followed by a dessert. Finishes eating around 21:30.

Protein bar or protein shake - this is to ensure she’s getting around 20g of protein evenly distributed throughout the day, every 3-4 hour. If Meal 1 is around lunchtime, she may have a protein bar at 10:00 if hungry.

Jayne’s daily supplements

Protein supplements
What: Will usually have one protein bar and one protein shake throughout the day. Whey protein, or casein in the evening as is digested slower.
Why: This is to ensure she’s getting around 20g of protein evenly distributed across the day. 
When: During the day, in between meals.
Duration: Has been using protein supplements since university.

What: Will drink a coffee or caffeinated drink.
Why:  Might be a placebo effect but this enhances her performance and helps with lifting.
When: Before or during training. If her training session is after 5pm will skip caffeine, so as not to affect her sleep.

What: 5g of creatine monohydrate
Why: For performance and recovery.
When: Best absorbed with carbs, so eats straight after dinner. Ideally taken after you train, but Jayne finds it easier to remember after dinner.
Duration: Since she started bodybuilding in 2013/14. Was a suggestion from her coach.

What: Zinc supplement 
Why: For immunity.
When: Just before bed.
Duration: Started taking in 2020 after she had COVID-19, was conscious of taking supplements to help immune system.

Vitamin D
What: Vitamin D3 supplement
Why: Lack of exposure to sunlight, it’s good for the immune system and helps with cell regeneration. When: Before bed.
Duration:  Since she started bodybuilding in 2013/14. Was a suggestion from her coach.

Other supplements
Omega 3, iron, magnesium: If she feels she isn’t getting these micronutrients within her diet.
Multivitamin: If she’s feeling under the weather will take to boost vitamins.
Glucosamine: If not recovering well or have niggles or joint paints will take this temporarily to help with joint health and reduce inflammation. 

What supplement has had the biggest impact for Jayne?

Creatine. This helps with her recovery, especially now her training is more explosive and power based.