Report : The Future of Functional Training

Blue Elvin athlete performing a downward dog stretch

Earlier this year, COVID-19 shut down Training spaces; altering behaviour and preference overnight. Athletes and organisations all over the world had to readjust. In June we asked 325 female athletes from 16 countries: What do you want the Future of Functional Training to be like?

We're sharing their collective insights. 


During lockdown, Functional Training was these women's lifeline. No matter the obstacle they will find a way to train. 

  1. 68% of women continued to train 3+ times per week during lockdown.
  2. 85% of women primarily trained for their mental wellbeing.
  3. 66% of women were not experiencing the same benefits from their training.


During COVID-19 five training behaviours emerged that will shape the future of Functional Training.

  1. 30% of women are undecided on future memberships.
  2. 74% of women will continue to train at home.
  3. 78% of women introduced other types of training.
  4. 52% of women need equipment to support their at-home training.
  5. 43% of women are intimidated by 'gym' culture and male spaces. 

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