Set 1 : Meet Jayne

Jayne Lo smiling standing next to a rack and barbell.

Meet Jayne, Fitness Manager, PT & Weightlifter 

Our Set 1 Launch Campaign was to capture female power, through the lens of training. To do that authentically, for each woman, we asked them a series of questions. To learn more about what training means to them. These conversations were inspiring and humbling. We’re sharing their stories back because they deserve to be told. 


Meet Jayne, Third Space Assistant Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer. Previously Jayne was a bodybuilder and now focusses on weightlifting. 

Tell us a bit about your training routine over the last 12 months? 

I do 4 weightlifting sessions a week, and one session for accessory work. I tend to do my sessions on my own, but next to a friend and we’ll link up at the end for a metcon. My sessions right now are around two hours long.

Mobility and warm-ups are really important to me. I’ll do some foam rolling, controlled articular rotations and hip drills. Then an empty barbell warm up - high pulls, muscle cleans, snatch balance, OHS, push press, push jerk, 2 reps of everything. Then some plyo work!

Is there a woman that’s had a real impact on your training?

Georgia Smithball. She works in the city and is 23 years old. We met through social media a few months back and started messaging during lockdown. The first weekend that gym were opened we trained together and now we train every Saturday. She’s been doing CrossFit for 3 years and is really fit, athletic and strong. It’s been really inspiring to train with someone who's humble but good at what they do. 

Why do you turn up to train everyday?

Because I want to get better. And I want to progress. I find it hard to train without a goal. Getting better at weightlifting gets me to the gym.

Jayne Lo preparing to do a snatch.

What do you think about when you’re training? 

Overcoming the fear of hitting a certain weight. Whenever I hit anything above 90% of my 1RM in a Snatch I get really nervous. Overcoming that mindset takes up a lot of my mental capacity when I train. Same with Jerks. 

What’s one movement that makes you feel empowered?

Anything overhead that’s heavy! Because my overhead is my weakness. 

Do you have any training routines or rituals that have become important to you?

I always do my warm-up routine without fail and I have a protein bar and caffeine when I train! I want something sweet while I’m training - it helps me mentally. I usually take my snack when I’m approaching 90% of my lift, I need the extra sugar!

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself through your training?

I need to get better at failing. Knowing that I might fail makes me really nervous and holds me back. I didn’t feel that way with bodybuilding. How I was placed on stage was subjective to the judges. With weightlifting, like running and any other performance-based sports, I have to put in the work. Training, sleep, rest, and food are all in my control. How I perform is down to me. What you put in and what comes out is a reflection of your consistency. 

Jayne Lo smiling at Blue Elvin photoshoot.

How do the benefits of training impact the rest of your life? 

I see them every day when I train my older clients. They can’t move well, are very imbalanced, and have joint and health issues. Knowing I’m fit and healthy now will make me stronger as a person, a mother, both now and in the future. 

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