Set 1 : Meet Saskia

Saskia Collins, Blue Elvin Set 1 athlete and CrossFit Coach.

Meet Saskia, CrossFit Coach & Personal Trainer

The aim of our Set 1 Launch Campaign was to capture female power, through the lens of training. To do that authentically, for each woman, we asked them a series of questions. To learn more about what training represents to them. These conversations were inspiring and humbling. We’re sharing their stories back because they deserve to be told. 


Meet Saskia, CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer in London. A year ago she decided to leave behind a career in PR to pursue her passion for supporting others on their fitness journeys. 

Tell us a bit about your training routine over the last 12 months.

This time last year I became a CrossFit coach and I upped my volume of training, going from classes to personalised programming. Progress was going well until I got injured. I’ve been slowly coming back from that and now I train 5-6 times a week, usually after I coach my morning classes. 

Why do you turn up to train everyday? 

Self-improvement, it makes me feel good, and I love to measure progress. 

Saskia Collins, CrossFit Coach, wearing Blue Elvin.

What’s one movement that makes you feel empowered?

A clean. It makes me feel so good when I’m in a workout and I realise I can do lots of reps at a heavy weight. 

Do you have any training routines or rituals?

I tighten my ponytail before I lift!

Is there a woman that’s had a real impact on your training?

Definitely Corinna! We met at redsun, the gym I coach at in London, and we immediately became really good friends. She’s really disciplined. We train together, we push each other, and we’re similar levels. She leads a busy life too so training is the time we can dedicate to seeing each other.

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself through your training?

Mental toughness. 

How do the benefits of training impact the rest of your life? 

It’s become my life - I’ve made my job out of it! Some of my best friends are the ones I’ve made in CrossFit - we’ve got the most in common, both lifestyle and mindset. I also enjoy helping people become passionate about training and it having a positive impact on their lives.

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