The Fundamentals Toolkit

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At the beginning of COVID-19, the world was in lockdown. We were working from our separate homes and this period of change and uncertainty encouraged us both to reflect while adjusting to a new routine. Much like our functional training journeys, each one of us had our own set of unique challenges. Every journey was different. We were all experiencing highs and lows and could take some comfort in supporting each other through those moments. 


We turned to our Community to ask what they were finding most challenging so that we could understand how best to support them. We used their challenges, and our own, to create a toolkit of conversations and resources for three pillars - Relationships, Training, and Fuel. For each pillar we shared an insight from an expert and an activity to learn from. We spoke to Gretchen Kittelberger, four-time CrossFit Games Individual Athlete; Beverly Clarke, a family psychotherapist; and Becs Sandwith from pH Nutrition. 


We were lucky enough to have these conversations during the lockdown and they provided us with some comfort and practical advice, much of which we have continued to use. We hope you find value in them too.


Access The Fundamentals Toolkit.