It's been two years - we have big news!

It's been two years - we have big news!

Two years ago, we launched Blue Elvin, after 18 months of product development. We're now changing our prices and here's why.

Starting a business is both the hardest and most rewarding thing we’ve done. We experienced a problem in our own training and decided to solve it ourselves.

We created a brand to support women who do functional training - encompassing everything in and around training because we know it’s so much more than just 60 minutes in the gym.

Blue Elvin women have growth mindsets.
They’re curious.
Brave in everything they do.
Compassionate with themselves and those around them.
Reflect often to understand how they’re doing and where they’re going.
Strong in body and mind.
They love to move.
They appreciate the small wins.
They believe in progress over perfection.
They have space and the support to fail.

We’ve met so many amazing women along the way who have influenced the brand in so many ways.

Collection of images of women in our community.

And along the journey, we’ve also grown as individuals and challenged a lot of our beliefs. Learning and becoming more connected.

We created three beautiful products, designed with a unique purpose - to protect women when they train - and we’re incredibly proud of them.

It's been two years since we launched our products into the world. We are so grateful for your support and championing of the brand.

With our new perspectives and changes in direction, we’re not currently planning any future collections. We still have some units remaining of Set 1 and our wish is for more women to train in Blue Elvin. So for that reason, we are going to be selling the rest of our stock at cost price (what it cost us to produce the products).

We will continue to share resources, tips, and perspectives that will support you with your training.

We look forward to continuing the journey together.