We choose to challenge everyday

Blue Elvin International Women's Day 2021

Every day at Blue Elvin we work to advance women athletes. To do that we have to challenge the existing cultures in functional training; from how product is developed, to the information we receive, to the representation of our experiences. 

We knew we could never do that alone. From the start, we’ve been guided by other women. Women who share their stories, experiences, and ideas. It will always be a team effort. 

While thinking about how to celebrate International Women’s Day we kept getting stuck. Was it impactful enough? Was it driving change? Did it best represent our brand values? When we took a step back we realised that, at Blue Elvin, it’s International Women’s Day every day of the week.

We reflected on the women who have shaped our journey and we started thinking about reflection more broadly. The last 12 months have been difficult for everyone. It’s been hard to look forward or back, and we’ve been taking each day as it comes. 

For International Women’s Day, we ask you to join us in A Week of Reflection. An opportunity to stop and appreciate yourself and the other women around you. Take 10-minutes each day for a reflection exercise. Enjoy!

Join Us - Reflection Guide