Set 1 Athlete Testing - The Learnings

Two female athletes in a gym discussing functional training.

We never expected to be launching Set 1 Athlete Testing amidst the uncertainty of a global pandemic. We are so grateful to the dedication and commitment of our Athletes - their feedback directly impacted our products and we wanted to share what we learned from them. 



On the 14th of March, our Athletes came together to meet one another, share their training journeys, and get a sweat on. They left with Set 1 in hand, ready to try on Blue Elvin in the comfort of their own home.  

Blue Elvin Set 1 Product Bags

With gyms around London shutting, our athletes immediately got creative. The intention was for three weeks of barbell testing, however, we quickly pivoted to allow athletes to test how and when they could and extended the testing window to 6 weeks. 


The key question to answer with the testing was

Is the protection supporting female athletes as we intended?



Several of our athletes were able to test with a barbell and their early feedback immediately launched us into product refinement. Tweaking small elements to improve and enhance the core function - protecting women’s collarbones and shins during barbell training. 

We made three key changes to the products following our Athlete Testing:

  1. Pivoted our protective tank to a sports bra. This was to ensure a more contour fit to enable the RHEON collarbone protection to stay in place during different movements. 
  2. Improved the fabric construction around the collarbone protection panel to further reduce any pinpoint bruising caused by heavy barbell cycling. 
  3. Added a silicone print to the interior of the leggings and shin sleeves to mirror the position of the shin protection panel to keep it firmly in place during barbell training. 
Blue Elvin Female Athlete Testing Protective Sportswear.


Alongside the practical product feedback, we also wanted to know how our athletes felt when training in Blue Elvin.

Several of the women said they felt “empowered”, “powerful” and “more confident”. They loved the fit of the products and the quality of the fabric, describing the Set as “sleek” and “slinky”. The protection surpassed their expectations and had a beneficial impact on their workout performance.

 “I was able to focus more on going heavier and not worry about the impact of re-racking. You really feel the weight with split jerks and I couldn’t feel anything because of the tank.” - Maggie, weight lifting. 

Thank you again to our AB-001 Athletes for taking part.