The story behind our name

Blue Elvin is a type of stone quarried in Cornwall, England.

There's intention in everything we do, including our name. 

Blue Elvin is a stone.
A natural element. 
That’s strong and resilient. 
With each stone different. 

The ‘Blue’ colour is from a mineral within the stone called Labradorite, which represents transformation. Labradorite is known to impart strength, perseverance and self-belief. 

Blue Elvin perfectly represents the women we're building this brand for. 


Blue Elvin has a deeper meaning to us. Our Grandfather grew up in a small village in West Cornwall called Mousehole, where the beaches were lined with Blue Elvin stone, and it was common to find large flanks of Blue Elvin in the village. 

Blue Elvin stone in Mousehole, Cornwall.
As a family of Stonemasons, handling Blue Elvin was part of their trade. Blue Elvin was quarried in the 1900s at Penlee Quarry, which sits between Mousehole and Penzance, where our Mum’s side of the family grew up. Blue Elvin was shipped out and used for building and roads all over the UK. 
Tamara and I both have Cornish names too so it felt fitting for our business to carry the same tradition.