Ethical Baseline

The way we do things is as important as what we do. Every decision we make considers the question - Is it built to last? A fabric choice, partnership decision, or packaging component, we challenge ourselves with this question.

Navy recycled Italian fabric pleats

Sets are limited in quantity, design and colour

We don’t believe in overproduction. Set 1 comprises limited-edition units of 200. Our Sets have purpose. Each product has a function and is designed to be a lasting piece. This impacts colour, construction and seams. Athlete feedback is vital before re-producing or exploring new concepts.

We work with our factories to reduce waste. Designing efficient fabric lay plans, reusing surplus in-house componentry, and partnering with local suppliers for eco-materials.

Blue Elvin team measuring fabric

Products are durable and high-quality

We work with premium materials. The recycled Italian fabric is knitted reusing waste from production. This process has less dependency on oil-based sources and reduces Co2 emissions. Learn about the regenerative methods behind our fabric here

We partner with suppliers and factories who are passionate about their craft. Thorough sampling, rigorous quality control, and careful construction are key. We learn about their practises through regular communication, with a focus on building lasting relationships. Our partners are based in Italy, the UK, Lithuania, and China.

Blue Elvin reuseable packaging pouch

Minimal and sustainable packaging reduces environmental impact

It was a conscious choice to use no polybags or hang tags. We ask our suppliers to do the same when shipping our components. Our mailbag is made of stone paper - no chemicals or water are used in production and it's indefinitely recyclable. Products come in a reusable pouch made of Tyvek which is waterproof and durable.