Blue Elvin sister co-founders Lamorna and Tamara Short

Hello and welcome. 

We’re Lamorna and Tamara. Two sisters on a mission to transform a woman’s ability to train.

When we started functional training back in 2016 we didn’t anticipate the transformative effect it would have on our lives. Physically we got stronger and fitter. We started thinking about ‘training’ differently. We became more resilient and patient when learning how to do hard things. Training became a safe space to learn, fail, and grow in skill and power.

However whilst we gained so much from training, we really weren’t prepared for the constant marks, scrapes, and bruises all over our bodies. Ripped hands from the rig, grazed shins from the barbell, and bruised collarbones from power cleans. We decided this shouldn’t be an accepted part of training. So we started Blue Elvin. 

At Blue Elvin we’re building a world where women can realise their physical and mental power through functional training. 

After two years of research, design, and testing we’ve created Set 1. Three products with integrated impact panels to protect women's collarbones and shins during barbell training. Developed in partnership with RHEON LABS, the impact panels minimise discomfort, enabling women to focus on form and performance, nothing else. We call them Products for Power.

We can’t wait to train with you. 

Lamorna & Tamara x