Our mission: to develop products that transform a woman’s ability to train. Finding the right technology was key. Partnering with RHEON LABS, a world leader in energy control, we engineered an entirely unique solution for barbell training. After two-years of research and development; pressure mapping, multiple prototypes, and athlete testing, we created Set 1. Three products to protect women during barbell training.

Pioneering Impact Technology

Empowers form and performance.

Integrated impact panels, designed in partnership with RHEON LABS, minimise marks, scrapes and bruises from barbell training. Engineered through athlete data, the RHEON™ technology panels offer optimal coverage for women’s collarbones and shins. Flexible and lightweight, they enable seamless transitions between barbell training and conditioning. 

RHEON technology impact panel


A world leader in energy control.

RHEON™ technology has been developed for over 15 years by scientists, engineers and designers at Imperial College, London - regarded as one of the leading institutes of innovation around the world. 

RHEON™ technology is an active polymer that intelligently strengthens when subjected to force. Used across high-impact sports including American Football, Formula 1 and Motorcycling, it is robust and durable.

Blue Elvin shin impact panels, developed with RHEON Labs

Engineered for women

Bespoke impact panels developed with female athletes.

50 women. 200 hours of testing. 30 prototypes. 12 research calls. 5 surveys.

Product development was powered by female athletes. Pressure mapping and 3D scanning determined the areas of the female body most in need of protection during barbell training. With multiple rounds of testing and continuous feedback, we iterated the products. Data collected informed the panel shape, size, and geometry.