Home Try-On

Blue Elvin sports bra with collarbone protection for barbell training

In December 2020 we ran an experiment. 

10 women tried Blue Elvin at home, for free. 

An initial reaction to Lockdown 2.0, with events off the table, we needed to find a way for women to experience training in Blue Elvin.

The feedback was great, not just on the product but the concept too. Women were able to experience the transformative effect of our impact panels, touch the fabric, and check quality and fit. 

Their feedback got us thinking. 
This doesn’t have to be a one-off. 
What if more women could try Blue Elvin?  

Introducing Home Try-On. An opportunity to try-on Blue Elvin, in the comfort of your own home. One product, three weeks, for free. 

To reduce waste we’re repurposing our production and photography samples for Home Try-On. This means we’ll be matching samples to sizes, and the product you’d like to try. 

This initiative might not be forever, but for now, it’s a great way for us to bring Blue Elvin to you.


How do I apply?

We only open applications at specific times. Look out for the next announcement by signing up for our mailing list here. We currently only offer Home Try-on to UK-based women who have access to a barbell. 

What product will I get sent to try? 

We’re offering Home Try-On for all three products from Set 1 - sports bra, leggings, and shin sleeves. When you apply you have the opportunity to tell us which product you’d like to try. We match up samples to applications - looking at sizes and product preference. 

How long can I try the product? 

You’ll have three weeks to try the product, for free! 

Why do you use samples for Home Try-On?

It’s a great way to make use of products that otherwise would go to waste. Production and photography samples are as good as it gets to the real thing - so you’ll get the full experience of training in Blue Elvin. 

What fabrics do you use? 

We use the same recycled Italian fabric across all three products. The fabric is knitted reusing waste from production. This process has less dependency on oil-based sources and reduces Co2 emissions. Learn about the regenerative methods behind our fabric here. Our fabric has performance qualities too - sweat wicking, light compression, and durable against the barbell. 

How do I wash my product? 

Please wash at 30 degrees inside out (this is to protect the impact panels). Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Do not iron or tumble dry. You can wash the product as many times as you like during your Try-On period. 

What happens at the end of the try-on period? 

We’ll get in touch a few days before to arrange collection, with a pre-paid returns label. Please return the product washed, and in the original packaging (this includes the stone mailer and the Blue Elvin pouch). 

Can I buy the product at the end? 

The product we send you is not for sale as it’s a sample, however, you can buy the product you tried directly from our website. At the end of the Try-On period, you’ll have the chance to have a call with one of the Blue Elvin founders to answer any questions you might have. 

How does COVID-19 affect Home Try-On?

We take all precautions to ensure the safety of anyone that comes into contact with Blue Elvin. Gov.uk guidelines state there is no current evidence to suggest that the virus can be spread through packages. All products are washed twice before being sent out from Blue Elvin and we ask women who try the products to wash them before sending them back. 

If you have any more questions about Home Try-On please contact us at hello@blueelvin.com.