The Power of Recovery - Movement & Mobility

Blue Elvin athlete stretching

“Mobility is not stretching, it's moving your joints through their full range of motion. You need to move little and often; starting small is the key to unlocking your potential.”

I sat down with Hat Hewitt, owner of Map Online and CrossFit Watford. As an ex-pro rugby player, now CrossFit Coach, Sports Therapist, and competitive athlete, Hat brings a unique perspective to movement and mobility. Her approach is for everyone and focusses on how moving well is the foundation of health. 

In our interview we cover:

  • What is mobility

  • What can affect our mobility

  • How we can improve our mobility

  • How mobility can impact our training & risk of injury 

Our key takeaways:

  • Lifestyle dictates our mobility. Being sedentary is damaging to our bodies - we need to move little and often to lubricate the systems that help us move.

  • If we neglect mobility we’ll limit our training progress and run the risk of injury. It will also have longer-term damaging impacts to our lifestyle. 

  • Start small and realistic - move the joints you need for daily life and make sure you’re moving through the full range of motion. 

  • You need to be moving 5 minutes for every 30 minutes you spend sitting down.

  • Hydration is key to support our mobility. It helps lubricate the soft tissue so we can move well.

  • Don't forget to ask yourself how you feel when you’re training - be aware of your body, notice pain and understand what impacts it. 

To learn more about Hat visit Map Online or her Instagram.