Protect your shins and improve your form with shin sleeves

Protect your shins and improve your form with shin sleeves

Shin sleeves (or guards) are designed to protect your shins from the barbell and help pull the cleanest lifts. Across multiple sets and reps of lifts, particularly deadlifts, you can cause bruising to your shins and sometimes even bleeding. In deadlifts, cleans and snatches you want to keep contact between the barbell and your shins so that there’s less risk of rounding your back because there is less load placed on your lower and mid-back. Shins sleeves allow you to maintain form whilst preventing injury to your shins. 

When to use

  • Shin sleeves can be used to protect your shins during any lift from the floor - deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, cleans, snatches etc.  

  • They can be worn during box jumps to protect your shins in the event that you slip or miss the landing on the box, resulting in hitting your shin. While these types of injuries are infrequent, when they do happen they can be quite severe often needing stitches. Rope climbs is another good use for shins sleeves to prevent rope burn, which is painful and can take up to a week to heal. 

Why do they help

Benefits of shin sleeves