Set 1 : Meet Temi

Set 1 : Meet Temi

Meet Temi, Strength Coach & Powerlifter 

The aim of our Set 1 Launch Campaign was to capture female power, through the lens of training. To do that authentically, for each woman, we asked them a series of questions. To learn more about what training represents to them. These conversations were inspiring and humbling. We’re sharing back their stories because they deserve to be celebrated. 


Meet Temi, a London-based Strength Coach and Powerlifter. She holds the 2019 and 2020 British and European deadlifting record. Before Powerlifting she was a national level sprinter and played rugby.

Tell us a bit about your training routine over the last 12 months.

I train 3 times a week. I bench and squat twice a week and deadlift once a week. I follow training blocks (my Coach likes to work with percentages) and my last session was squats at 130kg, deadlift at 155kg and bench at 77.5kg. My Coach plans my training diary in 3 week blocks - he likes it to be organic and responds to how my body is feeling

Active recovery is really important and I do pilates on the days I don’t train, it helps with my hip impingement. I’m very strong and explosive but not very supple! I love the mind body connection that you get through pilates too. 

Temi Nuga deadlifting in Blue Elvin Set 1

Why do you turn up to train everyday? 

I like being the best I can. Even if I’m tired or sick I still train. My only competition is myself and my numbers. I train because I love feeling strong, being stronger than most men, and it makes me feel good. I try to be grateful for every session because training is a luxury.  

What’s one movement that makes you feel empowered?

Deadlift. I’m the deadlift queen! I love holding the weight. I’m in control of the weight, I’ll put her down when I’m ready to put her down.  

Is there a woman that’s had a real impact on your training?

I’ve got two! Leila Fattar, not just in my training but in life, she taught me that I can be known for what I’m good at and my knowledge, not just my experience. In training, Kimberly Walford is the love of my life! She showed me that at 35 years old it's still possible to be a champion. When I met her at my first International competition she was so supportive and made me realise that women can actually work together and support one another. 

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself through your training?

I’m more resilient than I thought. I’m more vulnerable than I thought. I need validation more than I thought. During lockdown, lifting and life has taught me to be honest. 

Temi Nuga having her make-up done at the Blue Elvin photoshoot.

How do the benefits of training impact the rest of your life? 

It gives me an outlet to release stress and frustration. It's something I’m good at. Makes me feel powerful. Makes me feel accomplished. I’ve never been great at anything, I’ve been national level but never world. Powerlifting is the first sport that has taken me to world standard. Yes, I’m actually really good at something!

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